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  • ARATAcode for men

    Ray offers an evolutionary system for Emotional Maturity and Accountability for men in crisis that empowers them with practical guidance and tools to prevent and resolve conflict in their families, workplaces and communities. Sign-up now for our upcoming programs! Read More

  • ARATAcode for companies

    To get everyone included in the organizational mission implies inclusion, a compassionate understanding of differences. Our leadership, diversity and gender programs take teams apart to bring them together in shared responsibility and purpose. Read More

The system consists of:


  • A workbook
  • 2 month virtual training, including video classes and interactive telecasts
  • 90 days of one-on-one coaching sessions


  • webinars
  • 1/2 or full day workshops
  • speeches at corporate events

The ARATAcode programs will equip you with the skills to:

  • Handle the issues that are controlling your life now;
  • Understand why things have become the way they are;
  • Find support inside and out for becoming a better man;
  • Make the choice to “wake up, man up, step up” into the life you’ve dreamed of creating for yourself.

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Violence happens when we lack a sense of personal power, or feel a sense of powerlessness to change our lives. Instead of valuing love and depth in our relationships, our contributions to others and to our communities, the nobility of our life purpose, these values are replaced by the quantifying values of money and the marketplace and violence is inevitable. With no social encouragement to look deeper for our values, many seem to have come to the moral conclusion that “what is right is whatever you can get away with.” This erosion of shared moral and ethical values affects every one of us, and contributes to the sense of stress and unease we feel in our modern life.

The danger of staying in a pre-violence crisis is detrimental to your emotional, physical, and mental health. This scenario can create anxiety, depression, fear, and lead to unhealthy behaviors. Many men turn to extramarital affairs, excessive drinking, workaholic behavior, pornography or self-abuse.

Worse yet, IF there are children involved, by not doing anything, they put the children in the way of emotional or physical harm.

Children who are in households where men set a bad example or are emotionally or physically absent often become alcoholics, addicts, or ineffective, and young girls are prone to eating disorders as a way of coping with feeling things around them are out of control.



  • The overwhelming majority--close to 90 percent--of the people arrested for crimes of violence are men.
  • The United States has the highest rate of deaths from child abuse and neglect of any industrialized nation.
  • Spouses and family members made up about 15% of all murder victims, about one-third of murder victims were acquaintances of the assailant.
  • The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world.
  • The United States has 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's incarcerated.
  • Of 16,277 murders in the US in 2011, 10,568 were committed by males.
  • There are over 100,000 rapes in the United States every single year. That is the highest number for any of the countries in the United Nations.
  • Every year, one out of every five people is a victim of a crime in the United States. No other nation on earth has a rate that is higher.
  • There are approximately 12 million crimes committed in the United States every single year. That is by far the worst in the world. No other nation has more than about 6 million reported crimes per year.
  • Violent crime rates across the U.S. jumped by about 18 percent, and property crimes rose by 11 percent between 2010 and 2011. It's the first increase for both crime categories since 1993.
  • When you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve gotten.
  • When there is denial about working toward excellence in any of the physical, relational or financial aspects of one’s life, real happiness is impossible.
  • When nothing is done about your issues and children are involved, your kids will carry your wound and programming with them and repeat it in their life.
  • Not risking making a new choice is making a choice.
  • Running to a new relationship or hiding in drugs or distraction avoids the only real solution, learning how to be a better YOU.
  • The problem’s not “out there,” because we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.
Our goal is by 2017 provide 1 million men in crisis practical guidance, tools and inspiration for emotional maturity and accountability to PREVENT AND RESOLVE CONFLICT in their families, workplaces and communities.



  • Ronald Savarese

    The ARATAcode is a treasure map to your best self. Most men, if they live long enough, will experience some sort of "wake-up call."

    Oftentimes, the call comes unexpectedly and is usually the result of some form of falling, failing, suffering, or some kind of crisis. It doesn't have to happen that way, but for most men it does. I believe this "wake-up call" is all about becoming more conscious: more alive, more in touch with what really matters in one's life. I like to think of it as a gateway of awakening to a new kind of life - an opportunity for a man to find his true meaning and purpose, and to share his highest gifts with the world.

    Once a man experiences the call the only real question is: will he answer it? I'm a middle-aged married man with two adult sons. I had the good fortune of meeting Ray Arata when I was in the midst of my own wake-up call. I needed someone to help me navigate it and Ray was there. I have benefited first hand from his coaching, mentoring, and guidance. Now Ray has distilled much of his wisdom, intuition, and insight into this important book. If you're a man and you've had your call, read Ray's book and participate in his programs. If you're a woman and you suspect your man - or any man you care about - had his call, read this book. It will help you more than you can imagine. It will help you see that the journey inside yourself is where the freedom is. Around the world, our communities - our men, woman, and children need us to wake-up and step-up.

  • Dennis Mead-Shikaly

    The ARATAcode is a marvelous piece of work, written by a man who walks his talk. I have been doing men's work for more than 25 years, and this book clearly articulates the complex modern issues that men confront.

    It is sensitive, grounded, and fiercely honest. Ray shows what it means for a man to actually love other men in a courageous and vulnerable way. This guide is good for any man, no matter what stage he finds himself in ... struggling with addictions, a marriage in crisis, mid-life or health challenge, or just feeling lost and alone. Finally a voice that tells the sad truth that men are in trouble, and need to do their inner work. Thank you Ray.

  • Bonita

    Ray Arata masterfully demonstrates the masculine values he offers to guide decisions and behaviors for men to live a happier, more fulfilled, purposeful life.

    He says that he meets men where they are and by the end of the book you learn where that is as well as what more is possible. In my words, that's going "beyond who you know yourself to be" - to who you want to be. Arata models being a good and wise friend. There's no "know-it-all, and a lot of "been there." As a woman and an expert on gender differences this book is a gift, a window into who every-day great men are and can be--from inside their world. In going for your "hot want" of who you want to be, Arata suggests, rather than pursuing a goal, that you put attention to "how" you take the journey. This attention to the process is something I think women deeply appreciate and can connect to, from their world. There is something for women to know about themselves, as well, especially as one reflects on the essential influence of Mother and Father in our lives. Ray's 360 degree vision includes a chapter "Note to Women" to ground us in what is possible for ourselves and the men in our lives and how we can best support the journey.