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Preventing Injury With Value Of Getting Soccer Uniform

Preventing Injury With The Perfect Soccer Uniform All soccer players, whether a young child, perhaps a professional player needs a few essential items when playing football in the field. Considered one of those items is an effective pair of soccer basketball shoes. Even the very youngest soccer player is anticipated to possess a good quality [...]

Business Wake up Call

What if I was to tell you the root cause(s) of your relationship issues in your personal life are hiding and functioning in some capacity in your career or business?  Would you believe me? Would you care? What if I was to tell you it was costing you money to NOT believe me and ignore [...]

What is a Wake Up Call?

A wake-up call is a shock, a surprise, or a realization that causes a person to become fully aware to what is happening in his/her life.  It is typically painful event that gets your attention, not simply because it doesn’t feel good, but because if you had your way, you would much rather never have [...]

Your Men’s Journey: Your Journey Back to You

In order to understand exactly what Your Men’s Journey is, it is important to understand its relationship to a bigger context, namely your Life Journey. There are so many well-known sayings that people are familiar with such as Knowing Your Destination is Half the Journey. Life is a Journey, It’s a about the Journey not [...]

Win-Win: Igniting the Competitive Fire that Will Engage Men in Closing the Gender Gap

I couldn’t help but notice the tall, athletic, Italian looking, man in a room mostly populated by women in San Francisco’s City Hall. I was there reporting on Mayor Ed Lee’s kickoff press conference for the Gender Equality Challenge: Building a 21st Century Workplace. Notable people spoke of the increasing importance for businesses to close [...]