9780983943266-frontcoverRay’s book asks how do you find freedom from outmoded and destructive patterns of behavior that keep you from achieving success in your roles as partner, father, husband, leader, and friend? Most men aren’t aware that the old model of masculinity is outdated and ineffective in today’s culture. Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up: Transforming Your Wake-Up Call Into Emotional Health and Happiness provides an insightful and practical seven-step Roadmap for how you can transform life crises into opportunities for better relationships, happiness, and success.

You’ll learn to:

· Rise above any challenging life transition.
· Rewrite your future as an emotionally healthy and contributing man.
· Become the man you aspire to be.
· Achieve the relationship success you seek
· Serve as a positive role model for the next generation of men.


All 26 Amazon reviews of the book contain these observations:

Arata models being a good and wise friend. There’s no “know-it-all, and a lot of “been there.”

As a woman and an expert on gender differences this book is a gift, a window into who every-day great men are and can be–from inside their world…

Finally a voice that tells the sad truth that men are in trouble, and need to do their inner work. Thank you Ray.

I believe this “wake-up call” is all about becoming more conscious: more alive, more in touch with what really matters in one’s life. I like to think of it as a gateway of awakening to a new kind of life – an opportunity for a man to find his true meaning and purpose, and to share his highest gifts with the world.

If you’re a man and you’ve had your call, read this book. If you’re a woman and you suspect your man – or any man you care about – had his call, read this book. It will help you more than you can imagine.

This book is like a treasure map that if followed will lead you to your best self. It will help you see that the journey inside yourself is where the freedom is. Around the world, our communities – our men, woman, and children need us to wake-up and step-up.

I plan to purchase multiple copies for the benefit of the men participating in our recovery program.

Unfortunately, there are no manuals for becoming a man and even more disturbingly there are few good role models around for many kids while growing up. Many in today’s society are left without a father or father figure to model for them strong and positive male behavior.

I, like so many, had a father figure in my life that was wounded and ran away both emotionally and physically leaving me and us fatherless, that void was first filled by an abusive step father then later filled for me with sex addiction, failed relationships and many years of blame, shame and anger.

The road to healing and recovery can be a long and confusing one, with many books and so called experts on the subject. Finally, there is a specific, detailed and practical road map for men to follow to live the life that we are all meant to live. Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up gives the reader specific and detailed ways to turn one’s life around and become the man many of us so longed for.

I highly recommend this book for all men searching for answers. The answer comes from within and this book asks the right questions. I found the book to be a quick read and the internal work provided in the book to be priceless.

While this book was written for men, there are many take-aways for women readers also! This book provides a clear step-by-step process for any person wishing to delve deeper inwards and change habits, understand themselves better, be more aware, etc. A woman could easily change the language a bit and use this book as a guide. In addition, as a woman who has been in relationships with unaware men, I find it refreshing and uplifting to see that there is a thriving community built around these principles of self-improvement and that this book exists as a tool for men wishing to be better men. This is a chance to change your life, or the life of someone you love. Wake up, [Wo]Man up, Step up.

This book represents an opening, a new pathway and paradigm for men who long to live life in greater harmony with themselves, their hearts, relationships, and the world around them. It is also a great book for women to read to better understand the men in their lives and offers great advice on how to support them on their journey.

Ray masterfully expands on the oft-missing piece: the critical need for genuine tough love, of the man for himself, from other men, and from the women in his life.

It is refreshing to read a self help book written by a non-clinician, in this case by a man who not only did all the hard work to make his own desired personal changes but also took the time to document his process so that he could help other men. In Wake-Up, Man Up, Step Up Ray Arata has produced what amounts to a field guide to emotional health and happiness. He walks readers through a well-organized, step by step process for men hearing the call for self-improvement but not knowing where or how to start. If this description fits you, Arata can help but be prepared to get honest with yourself. He asks the right questions but leaves the real work up to you. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves?

For many men, this is especially hard because of our training as teenagers: we have been taught to hold it all inside, to be tough and stoic, and to push back when we are challenged. Feelings are thought to be a weakness, to be pushed aside and talked over with brave bold words, often harsh, and often divisive and hurtful.

What Ray Arata does is to create an opening, an invitation to men to step up and face their doubts; to begin the process of acknowledging the hurt, and of expressing the conflict. In his open and honest recounting of his own challenges, Ray paves a way, showing that only by coming to terms with his flaws, and at the same time owning his strength and power, is he able to identify his true masculine ideals.

If you have a man in your life who seems to be seeking, who seems to be looking for another level of depth and understanding, then give him this book. If you are that man, then look no further, for this book sets out a clear and accessible path to finding your better self. If you are a man already on your path, having done a men’s weekend, or similar work, this book will take you to the next level.

When I read Ray’s book, my first thought was “A man doesn’t have to go any further than following the outline in this book to put him on a journey of emotional and spiritual recovery.” I have recommended the book to my men’s group and coaching clients.

I find the way Ray has laid out the step by step process for a man to safely and logically take a look at his life and whether it’s working or not, very understandable and practical.

His background as a men’s leader, coach and facilitator comes through big time in this book.

Any man who is serious about changing his life for the better needs to buy this book, to read it and begin to work the steps laid out in it.

This book has changed my life! When I get angry or upset about situations in my life, this book helps me see what my part in the breakdown is, and what work I need to do to heal. The chapter on divorce is valuable beyond words. I read it at the beginning of my divorce, and it really helped me know what to expect, and what pitfalls to avoid. I can’t say enough about the positive impact this book has had on my life.

Buy the book for yourself and loved ones. Help them to Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up and to transform their wake-up call into emotional health and happiness.

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