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Business Wake up Call | ARATAcode

Business Wake up Call

What if I was to tell you the root cause(s) of your relationship issues in your personal life are hiding and functioning in some capacity in your career or business?  Would you believe me?

Would you care?

What if I was to tell you it was costing you money to NOT believe me and ignore it?  This is one of the hidden business costs of not dealing with your personal issues in the context of business.

The personal cost might be anxiety, a state of overwhelm, isolation, feeling burned out, and more.  Would you keep reading if I shared with you that you have the power to make different choices and actions towards outcomes of your choosing? If you become aware you could SAVE money, MAKE more money and lose the internal strife, now would you be interested?

The question to ask yourself, if this resonates with you is, “what does it cost you to avoid looking within?”  What is the impact of relying on your same behavior?  Will the behavior cost you your partnership?  Will you get fired?  Is your leadership less effective or ineffective?  Are you getting less clients or worse yet, the wrong kind of clients? Might your looking inside yourself and confronting beliefs and behaviors that no longer work offers you insight about yourself? Would this give you new choices to make? Is it possible that you could see different results?

For most people in business, failure to ask and answer these questions in the spirit of being their best often results in what I call the Business Person’s Wake up Call. Answering the call can create personal, professional, and even an organizational shift.  Ignoring the call can lead to demotion, job loss, and wasted money and time, and even relationships.

Many people in your shoes don’t make the connection that their feelings of overwhelm, isolation, being burnt out, frustrated, or failing business relationships are driven by core-hidden beliefs and behaviors of theirs that they are not conscious to. All they know is it doesn’t feel good and they willingly pay good money to make it go away.

Most people don’t realize that once a person learns why they have been doing what they do with sub par results, the natural follow on realization for them is that they can change their beliefs and their behaviors and by taking responsibility have better results.

Even less people go to the trouble to actually think about the cost to their business in terms of dollars and cents if they choose not to do anything different.  Maybe its because they might have to confront something about themselves they just as soon avoid.  Does this sound like you?  Can you handle the challenge of facing your inner self?  Did you know that by bringing awareness to these internal root beliefs that are shaped by prior events in your life could be confronted and re-written?

In my line of work, I have observed many business consultants called into a business by the CEO or business owner who is initially interviewed about the business challenges that the company faces.  Interviews of the executive team and core staff often follow.  A good consultant who listens contextually to the answers given (assuming the right questions were asked) may uncover 3-5 core issues that if addressed would solve the problems and/or challenges.  He or she then proceeds to pursue the projects and methods to “solve the problem”.  At this point, everyone is happy because the consultant proved his/her worth and now has work and the company feels like it’s doing something about the challenges.  There might even be some short-term success.

What is often missed is the opportunity to look deeper into the core issues for a personal and contextual root cause that invariably points to the Business Owner, CEO, Team Leader, or in some instances the Founder.  Assisting this individual to confront and shift his or her behavior may produce a shift in the person, and probably a shift in the entire organization.  This tangibly usually will result in bottom line value to the company.

What is equally important to be aware of is the cost of avoiding changing.  This person has to be ready and willing to look at his or her self, which may initially be uncomfortable and yet hugely rewarding on a personal level, and financially valuable to the company as well.

When Business Owners, Executives, or CEO’s connect to why they have been doing what they have been doing, and the resulting consequences of their behavior that occur, they become consciously aware to make different decisions and often experience a breakthrough of huge proportions!

When this happens, the word my clients often use to describe how they feel is FREEDOM.

Are you ready to be free from the old hidden beliefs and behaviors that are imprisoning you, and inhibiting your success and well-being?

What does your heart and gut tell you they are?

This article is about AWARENESS and what you can gain from being willing to take a hard look at how you’re unconsciously causing your own problems. It takes a real man to do this and a real man to know he needs support to do his work. Sign up for any ARATAcode programs.


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