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Check Your E-mail For Your 2 Free Chapters And Read Below To Book Your Complimentary “Change Starts Today!” Coaching Session.

Book Your Complimentary “Change Starts Today!” Coaching Session

Are You Experiencing One Or More Of These Parenting Symptoms?

  • You find it difficult to connect with your son.
  • Your son doesn’t want to spend time with you or the family.
  • Your son is not respecting you or your spouse.
  • You have concern about the group of kids your son hangs out with.
  • Your son’s academic performance in school has you worried.
  • You have a temporary inability to experience emotions without over-reactions that negatively impact both you and your son.

I can support you in taking your relationship with your son(s) to the next level.

I know you’re here because you want to be the best father you can be. If you’re willing to explore your own emotional literacy then schedule a complimentary “Change Starts Today Coaching Session” for fathers.

Together and during the call we’ll identify three steps unique to your situation that you can take action on immediately. We’ll also verify whether or not my 90 Day One-On-One Coaching Program is for you.

One-On-One Coaching Program

  • A Wake Up Call Coaching Program tailored for your journey to become a better man in all that you do as a husband, father, leader and/or business leader.
  • One on one coaching of you and your spouse.
  • A copy of my book Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up

Contact Ray’s assistant, Joshua to schedule your Complimentary “Change Starts Today!” Coaching Session for fathers with Ray Arata.

  • Step 1: Write an e-mail simply indicate you’d like to schedule your “Change Starts Today!” Coaching Session.
  • Step 2: Include a few dates and times that work best for you.
  • Step 3: Send the e-mail to
  • Finally, Joshua will get back to you within 24 to 48 business hours to confirm a time.