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Corporate Leadership Development Program: Inclusion Without Borders for White Male Leaders | ARATAcode

Corporate Leadership Development Program: Inclusion Without Borders for White Male Leaders

  • Are you frustrated that you are unable to create an inclusive culture because of the resistance from the white male leadership?
  • Are you ready to engage your white male leadership in creating a culture of inclusion?
  • Is your business challenged to recruit and retain top talent because its culture is not inclusive enough?


Leadership development Expert Ray ArataThis series of workshops is designed to support companies that are ready to “walk their talk” around creating a culture of inclusion by starting at the top where the power resides. Companies that recognize that White Male leaders still are the predominate class holding power and that to go to the next level of success will have to seek to:

Engage White Male Leaders to examine and own their biases and to see the impact they create with the intention for each individual to re-frame their thinking and leadership style in innovative and mutually beneficial ways. The intention is to positively shift those beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve us.  Ray Arata applies his emotional literacy principles to leadership and diversity so that inclusion initiatives gain everyone’s participation.


  • Focuses is on what is important to white male leaders as a class. It meets them right where they’re at and then builds trust and empathy for others
  • It produces a culture of respect because it doesn’t blame or shame leaders
  • Fosters camaraderie in a group setting
  • Focuses on opportunities arising from Inclusion focused Leadership
  • Empowers leaders to successfully use a healthy, functioning, collaborative, win-win model
  • Gives leaders the opportunity to succeed, integrate with others and become part of the solution

These are just some of the many benefits that white male leaders who embrace inclusionary leadership can obtain when they answer the pressing wakeup call in corporate America. True collaborative leadership requires a “mindset shift from me to we”, a way of leadership that is mutually supportive amid individual talents and greatness. Leaders who can recognize, understand, and appreciate other people’s differences and create a collaborative environment, can unlock previously untapped opportunities for innovation and business success.


  • We unfortunately see a stark lack of diversity in corporate boardrooms. Looking specifically at Fortune 500 CEOs, only 21—a mere 4.2 percent—are people of color. Four are black (0.8 percent); nine are Asian (1.8 percent); and six are Latino (1.2 percent). What’s more, only 4 are female people of color, representing just 0.8 percent of all Fortune 500 CEOs. And while women make up nearly half of the labor force today, only 18 Fortune 500 CEOs (3.6 percent) are female. (Ctr. For American Progress, The State of Diversity in Today’s Workforce)
  • 58% of multinational companies lack talent for critical leadership positions… and the competition for top talent will intensify
  • In emerging growth markets only 25% of talent is employable
  • Top talent wants more than just money
  • It takes talent to attract talent
  • Talented employees want to work in supportive, fun, inclusive environments
  • Women continue to be underrepresented at senior-management levels in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Consequences of Non Inclusionary Environment to Company

The demographics are compelling. Globally, the future workforce will not be sustainable if women and people of color are not integrated into leadership. Change cannot be legislated or sloganed into existence. The shift must come from within.

Japan already has more people exiting the workforce than there are workers prepared to enter it. According to a 2010 study by Goldman Sachs, “…if Japan could close its gender employment gap Japan’s workforce could expand by 8.2 million and the level of Japan’s GDP could increase by as much as 15 percent.” One CEO recognized that without more women in the workforce his company would not survive. The company launched a successful women’s ERG, one of the few in Japan, and resumes received from women went from 16% to 60%.


  • Poor retention of women and people of color.
  • Exit of women and people of color before senior leadership – weak pipeline.
  • Lack of responsiveness to gender and racial or ethnic minorities in the marketplace (media criticism or legal action).


  • Identification of non-serving beliefs previously held unconsciously.
  • Recognition of the connection to early male role models as they relate to emotional expression, styles of communication and assumptions about relationships between men and women.
  • Non-serving beliefs are turned into positive beliefs and behaviors able to create win-win interactions.


According to Robin Terrell, a corporate inclusion and diversity consultant who has worked with Ray to develop “White Men and Inclusion” workshops for corporate clients.

I have watched Ray publicly acknowledge his white male privilege and joyfully relinquish it in the service of creating a trusting relationship with me as an African American lesbian. He is real in a way I have rarely experienced working with men.

- Ronald Savarese.

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