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Corporate Leadership Development Workshop: Inclusion Without Borders for Gender Equality | ARATAcode

Corporate Leadership Development Workshop: Inclusion Without Borders for Gender Equality

  • Are you frustrated by the lack of progress your company has made in gender equality?
  • Are you ready to arm women to have more effective working relationships with male leaders?
  • Are you ready to operate at a new level with your women employees, leaders, customers, partners, and peers?
  • Are you ready to drive a fundamental culture change with the support of your male leadership to make this change happen?


Leadership development Expert Ray Arata

Much work has been done to change the patriarchal system that once dominated work culture. While women have made significant advancements, there is still a big gap in terms of equality for women. The opportunity to  “step up” in new ways to create an inclusive culture is within reach and it requires additional efforts by both men and women leaders.

The dual intention of this workshop series is to aid women leaders to positively shift those beliefs and behaviors that have historically held them back to ones that promote the career advancement they seek, and to engage white male leaders in being part of the solution by embracing inclusion as a cornerstone of their leadership.  The endgame is to create a win-win collaborative culture and mutual success.

Participants in both workshop series (one for men and one for women) will learn how awareness of non-serving beliefs and behaviors can contribute to improved leadership presence, communication, collaboration, partnering and mutuality with others.  The intention of this workshop series is to connect learning outcomes to salient payoffs that will engage and inspire male and female leaders from a business perspective.

Inclusive Leadership for Women Executives:

Overcome cognitive gender bias and improve business relationships with men (workshop series)

  • How can you collaborate more effectively with men?
  • How can you lead men authentically?
  • How can you foster improved communication with men?
  • What can you do as leader to more powerfully communicate presence to men?
  • What can you do as a woman in leadership to empower men and women in the workplace?

The focus of this workshop is teaching women what they need to understand to be able to close the gender gap. This program is designed to bring awareness to and explore unexamined personal beliefs around gender in the context of leadership. It will empower women to take their place at the table.

Inclusive Leadership for White Male Executives:

This series is designed to support companies that are ready to “walk their talk” around creating a culture of inclusion by starting at the top where the power resides. Companies that recognize that White Male leaders still are the predominate class in power and possess the ability to “step up” and go to the next level of success will ask white male leaders to examine and own their biases and to understand the impact they create. The intention for each individual is to reframe their thinking and leadership style in innovative and mutually beneficial ways, thus supporting women leaders in taking a place at the table.

This experiential journey of dialogue and solution creation follows A Series of Seven Roadmap Steps and is based on humor, honesty, safety, and integrity. (Timing and frequency to be co-designed with client)

1. Road Map Steps 1& 2 “Create Support and Speak Truth”: We will establish an environment of support and then facilitate authentic dialogue around the issues and challenges white male leaders face in creating a culture of inclusion. Our exploration will include the blind spots that hinder their leadership and cause them to miss business opportunities.

2. Road Map Step 3 and 4: What is the WIN-WIN and What Blocks It?: We will explore and articulate the business opportunity for white male leaders to embrace Inclusion as a cornerstone of leadership. Leaders will come up with ways to integrate inclusion practices fully into their organizations and identify what’s blocking the best possible outcomes for all of the stakeholders.

3. Road Map Steps 5,6 & 7 Break Through Old Ways of Being, Create Forward Accountability and Integration: We will step into action, adopt an inclusive and collaborative leadership commitment and create a win-win-win strategy. We’ll come to clear understandings of exactly what is Diversity Accountability and Leadership? We will formulate an Inclusion Leadership Growth Plan and commit to ongoing measureable targets.

Men and Women in Partnership:

Inclusion Fusion: This is ultimately the goal; to bring together men and women in support of Inclusionary Leadership, project management, and culture.  Joint session design is available upon request by client and can be customized to both the intention(s) and circumstances of the client.


  • The dual focus of the program engages both men and women as part of the solution
  • Appeals to both men and women because it acknowledges the influences of their personal leadership styles, meets them “where they are” and builds trust and empathy for others
  • Empowers women to ask for what they want and behave in ways that help them get it
  • Group setting fosters camaraderie necessary for men and communal support necessary for women.
  • Assists men in seeing the opportunities of inclusionary leadership
  • Empowers men to aspire to a healthy, functioning, collaborative win-win model.
  • Gives men an opportunity to succeed and integrate with others – be part of the solution.


  • Women continue to be underrepresented at senior-management levels in Asia, Europe, and North America.
  • Women hold 15 percent of the seats on corporate boards and 14 percent of those on executive committees in the United States; 16 percent and 3 percent, respectively, in Germany; 20 percent and 8 percent, respectively, in France; and less than 10 percent on both boards and executive committees in China, India, and Japan. In Scandinavia, the numbers are higher: Norway’s representation is currently at 35 percent and 15 percent, respectively; Sweden’s at 25 percent and 21 percent, respectively.
  • McKinsey found that companies with high levels of women and global diversity among executives boasted return on equity (ROE) 53% higher than other companies. The diverse businesses also enjoyed earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) 14% higher than other companies.
  • ROE (Return on Investment), EBIT (Earnings before Taxes) and stock price growth were all higher for companies with a higher proportion of women on their boards.

Consequences of Non Inclusionary Environment to Company

The demographics are compelling. Globally, the future workforce will not be sustainable if women and people of color are not integrated into leadership. Change can not be legislated or sloganed into existence. The shift must come from within.

Japan already has more people exiting the workforce than there are workers prepared to enter it. According to a 2010 study by Goldman Sachs, “…if Japan could close its gender employment gap Japan’s workforce could expand by 8.2 million and the level of Japan’s GDP could increase by as much as 15 percent.” One CEO recognized that without more women in the workforce his company would not survive. The company launched a successful women’s ERG, one of the few in Japan, and resumes received from women went from 16% to 60%.


  • Poor retention of talented women
  • Weakened pipeline for senior management
  • Damaged public image, media criticism and/or legal action
  • Inability to attract top talent


  • Discovery of what women fear most about relationships with men.
  • Identifying non-serving beliefs currently existing outside our awareness.
  • Understand the fatherly Influences (or early male role model) as they relate to your views on masculinity, emotional expression, and how women are “supposed” to relate to men.
  • Your non-serving beliefs turn into positive beliefs and behaviors and help you attain your goals and desires.
  • An ability to envision productive outcomes that may now occur as a result of new behaviors.


According to Robin Terrell, a corporate inclusion and diversity consultant who has worked with Ray to develop “White Men and Inclusion” workshops for corporate clients.

I have watched Ray publicly acknowledge his white male privilege and joyfully relinquish it in the service of creating a trusting relationship with me as an African American lesbian. He is real in a way I have rarely experienced working with men.

Get in touch to discuss how we can fulfill your organization’s needs with Ray Arata‘s programs.