Executive Leadership Coaching on Inclusion

f862dd5f_oWe recognize the need to speak both languages, take the time to create new expectations and establish a “learning environment” before engaging participants in the emotional, historically contentious subject of equality in the workplace.

For Women:

This executive coaching program explores your early relationship influences and how they effect your interactions, thinking, presence, communications, listening, conflicts and your leadership style in relation to men in the workplace. Your personal insights will advance your diversity awareness & empower you to effectively shift your behaviors with men in the workplace toward improved business relationships and the career advancement you seek. 

The ultimate intention is to equip you to be the change in your interactions, communications, collaborations, and presence with men.

For Men:

This executive coaching program also explores your early relationship influences and how they effect your interactions and teaches emotional literacy principles to support leadership around diversity. Its strategic imperatives invite everyone’s participation regardless of gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, all while respectfully keeping white male leaders fully engaged.

The intention is to aid your white male leaders to understand the impact they create and thus allow them to choose new, innovative ways to lead. This program is designed to bring awareness to and explore the unexamined hidden biases that white male leaders experience. We will positively shift those beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve to beliefs and behaviors that do.

True collaborative leadership requires a shift in perspective from “me” to “we”, a style of leadership that is supportive of each individual’s talents and greatness.  White male leaders who recognize, understand, and appreciate differences and create a collaborative environment unlock previously untapped opportunities for innovation and business success.

Coaching Logistics:

Coaching programs for male and female leaders can be customized to support our overall workshop series, i.e., as a precursor or as a follow on program.

In person and Skype coaching programs can also be customized according to the needs of your company.

Get in touch to discuss how we can fulfill your organization’s needs with Ray Arata’s programs.