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Self-Assessment | ARATAcode


The objective of this assessment is to challenge you to take an honest look at your life.  A lot of men are taught being tough is courageous. Having the courage to be vulnerable is another way of being tough. If you answer honestly this test can gauge how well your life is working, give you some measurement of your current level of emotional maturity and provide you an opportunity to have the life you’ve dreamed about.  All the questions require you to grade yourself on a scale of 0-4, which is an “emotional maturity meter”.  Take a deep breath and relax. Be gentle with yourself because looking honestly at your life is hard. I promise though facing the challenge and learning a new way of being is worth it.


0 = almost never
1 = rarely
2 = sometimes
3 = usually
4 = almost always

1. I honestly feel good about my relationships with others and those in relationship with me say they feel good about our relationship.

2. I feel excited about my future and things in my life are getting better.

3. I am in touch with and am comfortable sharing my feelings.

4. My words and actions consistently match my moral and ethical values and beliefs.

5. My physical and nutritional health is where I want it to be and I like the way my body looks.

6. My career/business is both personally fulfilling and sustaining enough I can live the way I want.

7. I have quality male friendships and have men in my life who are willing and able to support me emotionally.

8. I am the best father I can be and can my children would say I’m present in their lives.

9. I am the best partner/husband I can be and my partner feels loved by me.

10. I feel like I’m living exactly the life I want to be living.

Scoring results:

0-12 = You are ready to wake up. It’s time to pay attention to all the ways your life is not the one you want!

12-28 = You are awake and manning up as best you can but need help understanding how to make the changes you want to make to create the life you want.

28-40 = If you’ve been honest, you are awake, have manned up and are ready to take the last steps to fully live your mission as a husband, father, son, partner, brother, leader.

What clients say aout Ray Arata coaching: