Get involved

Get involved with Ray! Become more than a consumer, be a leader!

The best way to get involved of course is to wake up yourself, take your journey into authenticity and empowerment and be fully stepping up in your life. You’ll be happier and the world around us will naturally improve. AND, in the spirit of being able to ask for help… HELP! We welcome your support to:

• Help us spread the word so others learn about Ray’s work
• Refer us to places where Ray can speak and do his workshops

Yes, buy the book and use it to understand and change your life… AND buy copies for two of your friends and ask them to become part of a triad to support and join you on the journey.

Of course, pay to work one-on-one with Ray so his personal coaching can help you break through the patterns of your past and be guided week to week to live into the possibilities you’ve dreamed about… AND recommend working with him to your “stuck” friends.

Absolutely, consider the words below and then find opportunities to bring Ray and the ARATAcode into your workplace or organization.

“I feel many men and women in companies and organizations are in crisis and are facing a wake up call opportunity. Ironically the work I do with men in prison is timely for issues companies are going through, especially around the age old topic of men and women getting along (or not). When men are unconscious and cannot see the impact they have on others, people suffer. If men in prison can risk death to open themselves to repentance and compassion, then certainly men in the corporate world can find it within themselves to embrace inclusion without borders. The result becomes profitable for ALL.”, says Ray Arata, author and evangelist for mature masculinity.… Do the work to look within yourself and heal all the unconscious ways you separate the world into “them” and “us”.

Ray is committed to collaboration. He’s humble enough to realize he’s part of a larger movement and he’s wise enough to recognize we walk our path alone…