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I have co founded GenderAllies, a collaboration of inclusion professionals who stand for women and men in full partnership in organizations and in our communities. We believe that when women leaders shift beliefs and behaviors that have historically held them back, and male leaders engage in and embrace inclusion as a cornerstone of their leadership, the endgame is a collaborative culture that creates mutual success and measurable business results. To learn more, click here.

Having leadership and culture challenges?

  • Are you struggling to establish a culture that attracts, retains, and advances the most talented employees your company needs to remain competitive and successful?
  • Are you seeking ways to equip your leaders with the Inclusionary Leadership skills they need to attract and manage creativity, innovation, and productivity?


Executive Leadership Coaching:

We recognize the need to speak a variety of languages, take the time to create new expectations and establish a “learning environment” before engaging participants in the emotional, historically contentious subject of equality and inclusion in the workplace. True collaborative leadership requires a shift in perspective from “me” to “we”, a style of leadership that is supportive of each individual’s talents and greatness. Leaders who recognize, understand, and appreciate differences and create a collaborative environment unlock previously untapped opportunities for innovation and business success.

Truly successful companies are both commercially and culturally aligned.

Companies face intense competition for the top talent. In order for companies to attract, retain and promote quality talent, the leadership and culture need to be aligned and committed to embrace and embody Inclusionary Leadership principles.

Our philosophy and approach:  Emotional awareness and maturity are keys to support and make possible the potent blend of Inclusion, leadership, and culture that produce profits. Through group workshops and individual coaching, we teach ways everyone of every circumstance, identity and background can effectively work together, producing a win-win-win for them, their company and their customers.

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