Personal Coaching for Men

90 Day One-on-one Coaching Program

  • Are you stuck at a level of limited success and seeking to break out to higher ground?
  • Is your career/vocation lacking fulfillment and/or meaning?
  • Do you have a sense of what’s next for you in your vocational endeavors yet you don’t know where to start, how you will financially make it all work, and to top things off, you have a mortgage and other obligations to maintain?

Regardless of which scenario fits you, you may be experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Payoff isn’t paying off any more (bored)
  • Burned out and tired
  • You no longer want to work for someone else
  • Frustrating business or personal relationships with family members, partners, clients, staff, team
  • Temporary inability to experience emotions without over-reactions that negatively impact both you and your relationships
  • Disconnection from self and others that results in isolation

Many men amidst a wake up call would love to wave a magic wand and make the pain and discomfort go away and be done with their “issues”.  Using your wake up call as a transformative event to make the most of your life is the cornerstone of what I believe in and work with my clients to commit to.

While it will take work, time, energy and money, what I can tell you is that it is possible to successfully transition into a more fulfilling life while maintaining your  financial responsibilities and being happy doing what you are doing.

Because I am an Integrative Coach, I can assist you in addressing any or all of the above issues towards resolution. Normally, you might need to hire a coach, therapist, financial adviser, executive and business coach at various times to assist you in stabilizing, as well as ultimately supporting you to both articulate and connect to your passion, create a plan and then begin to execute on it.

My Premium Integrative Coaching 90 Day Program uniquely blends several modalities I have mastered over the years that come together for your success.

  • My 16 years as Accredited Wealth Manager is behind financial advice and counseling you may need to navigate your wake up call.
  • My certification in Life Planning, both as a coach and facilitator/trainer/coach can support you in your visioning process.
  • My certification as Money Coach Trainer/Facilitator can support you in dealing with and triumphing over any issues with money you may have.
  • My 14 years as a facilitator of Men’s Personal Growth work is available to support you in being the man you are meant to be in your various roles in life.
  • My 6 years of business coaching and leadership coaching are uniquely blended with deep personal development practices to support you in your financial success.
  • My completion of the Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center Program supports any process work I may need to utilize in supporting your growth

To register get in touch with Ray Arata.

My 90 day premium coaching program is ideally suited for you if:

You are in your wake up call NOW, and you are ready to invest your time, money, and energy NOW into a personalized high-touch coaching relationship with me.
You are looking to create more meaning & fulfillment in your work and life while maintaining your financial responsibilities. This is known as the transition from work life to life’s work.

My coaching program will:

  • Meet you right where you are, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • Regardless of your circumstances, reconnect you to what’s possible
  • Give you an encouraging, healthy experience and relationship with a man who has “been there” and whose goal is to support you in getting what you want.
  • Elicit your wants for life and help you prioritize them according to what’s most important to you
  • Help you to create a vision and plan that takes into consideration your current career and financial realities
  • Bring awareness to your limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Aid you in reframing non-serving beliefs and behaviors to ones that do
  • Support you to “break through” barriers that are holding you back, keeping you suffering
  • Help you to attain and maintain a sense of freedom
  • When and where appropriate, give you coaching support with respect to your present day challenges

Coaching Package includes:

  • Kick-off 2.5 hour session
  • Live weekly sessions via Skype and/or phone
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Book