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Proposed Integration Of Coaching Pages | ARATAcode

Proposed Integration Of Coaching Pages

Do you want to live your most inspired life as a man?

    • Are you looking to take your business or career success to the next level?
    • Do you want to be a better father?
    • Would you like to show up as a more powerful husband?
    • Are you stuck at a level of limited success and seeking to break out to higher ground?
    • Is your career/vocation lacking fulfillment and/or meaning?
    • Do you have a sense of what’s next for you in your vocational endeavors yet you don’t know where to start, how you will financially make it all work, and to top things off, you have a mortgage and other obligations to maintain?
    • Does your career or a career rut keep you from feeling free, alive and inspired in spite of your financial success?
    • Is a wake-up call banging on your door and begging you to make changes for the better?
    • If I told you a life of personal peace and freedom is possible would that sound intriguing to you?
    • None of the above applies exactly, but things still aren’t right in your life?

If even one of the above questions applies to you, the ARATAcode system will equip you with the skills to:

  • Handle the issues that are controlling your life now;
  • Understand why things are the way they are so you can change them;
  • Find support inside and out for becoming a better man;
  • Make the choice to “wake up, man up, step up” into the life you’ve dreamed of creating for yourself.
  • Many men amidst a wake up call would love to wave a magic wand and make the pain and discomfort go away and be done with their “issues”. Using your wake up call as a transformative event to make the most of your life is the cornerstone of what I believe in and work with my clients to commit to.

    While it will take work, time, energy and money, what I can tell you is that it is possible to successfully transition into a more fulfilling life while maintaining your financial responsibilities and being happy doing what you are doing.

    Because I am an Integrative Coach, I can assist you in addressing any or all of the above issues towards resolution. Normally, you might need to hire a coach, therapist, financial adviser, executive and business coach at various times to assist you in stabilizing, as well as ultimately supporting you to both articulate and connect to your passion, create a plan and then begin to execute on it.

    My Premium Integrative Coaching 90 Day Program uniquely blends several modalities I have mastered over the years that come together for your success.
    • My 16 years as Accredited Wealth Manager is behind financial advice and counseling you may need to navigate your wake up call.
    • My certification in Life Planning, both as a coach and facilitator/trainer/coach can support you in your visioning process.
    • My certification as Money Coach Trainer/Facilitator can support you in dealing with and triumphing over any issues with money you may have.
    • My 14 years as a facilitator of Men’s Personal Growth work is available to support you in being the man you are meant to be in your various roles in life.
    • My 6 years of business coaching and leadership coaching are uniquely blended with deep personal development practices to support you in your financial success.
    • My completion of the Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center Program supports any process work I may need to utilize in supporting your growth

The ARATAcode system consists of:

  • 1 Starter coaching session (3 hours).
  • 11 one on one coaching sessions (1 hour).
  • Unlimited email and phone support.
  • A copy of my book, Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up.
  • *Coaching sessions are held live via Skype video conference or phone.

Recap Of ARATAcode Integrative Coaching modality blends:
• Personal Development
• Financial Planning
• Career Transition
• Leadership
• Men’s Issues


You may not be happy with the way things are in your life and you know it can’t keep going this way. Maybe you are in one of life’s wake up call moments and you are choosing to answer. You may have big aspirations and don’t know where to start yet you are ready to START SOMETHING. This is a program for you, a man who wants to do something about your current situation but aren’t sure how to make the changes to become the man you’re inspired to be.

You’ve come to realize that continuing to live life the way you have isn’t sustainable and you are ready to wake up, get honest with yourself, break the habits that hold you back, and do whatever it takes to feel fully alive and regain your power. This course is aimed at empowering men you to create positive changes from what isn’t working to live a life of health, wealth and happiness…Are you ready? I will show you step by step what to do to take charge of your life.


  • Saying yes to yourself, and nurturing your needs first, practicing self-love;
  • Taking the important steps necessary to know what things in life are poison for you and which are good medicine;
  • Learning about old, currently unconscious, behaviors that DON‘T WORK and how to release them;
  • Creating new conscious beliefs and behaviors that DO WORK;
  • Being led to discover the “hot want” that will point to getting your power back;
  • Using that power to create a new life through honesty, understanding and personal power;
  • Discovering ways to feel and recreate power in your body;
  • Building a strategy plan that serves YOU, your family and your career;
  • Becoming equipped with the tools you need to become accountable and tenacious about being self-responsible;
  • Finding out how to handle the “stuff’ that comes back up and tries to block you;
  • Developing emotionally healthy relationships;


  • The problem’s not “out there,” because we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are
  • When you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve gotten
  • When there is denial about working toward excellence in any of the physical, relational or financial aspects of one’s life, real happiness is impossible
  • When nothing is done about your issues and children are involved, your kids will carry your wounds and programming with them and repeat them in their life
  • Running to a new relationship or hiding in drugs or distraction avoids the only real solution, learning how to be a better YOU
  • Not risking making a new choice is making a choice
  • Many men are physically or emotionally abused growing up and often dismiss it as “boys will be boys” or “men behavior”. This often leads to destructive relationships with both men and women later in life.
  • Men who were emotionally or physically abused growing up are more like to repeat the same behavior unless they get some form of help.

When it’s not just about you: What Dads bring to Children’s Emotional Stability

(provided by Warren Farrell and White House Council on Boys and Men)

  • The amount of time a father spends with a child is one of the strongest predictors of empathy in adulthood. Probably no quality is more important to social integration—in a marriage, in a neighborhood, in a society—than empathy for those who surround us
  • The more the father is involved, the more easily the child makes open, receptive, and trusting contact with new people in its life
  • When fathers are not involved, girls show signs of being hyperactive, headstrong, and anti-social. Both boys and girls showed signs of over-dependency on the mother
  • Boys who live with their fathers after divorce tend to be warmer, have a higher degree of self-esteem, be more mature, and more independent than boys who do not
  • The most important factor by far in preventing drug use is a close relationship with dad
  • Living in homes without dads is more correlated with suicide among children and teenagers than any other factor—for both sexes
  • Eighty percent of pre-school children admitted as psychiatric patients in two New Orleans hospitals came from homes without fathers. Similar percentages emerge among fatherless children in Canada. South Africa, and Finland, at ages from pre- school through teenage
  • Children living with their fathers were much less likely to experience feeling like victims—such as a victim of a bully
  • Most gang members come from homes without dads. When Perry Crouch, a gang intervention specialist in South-Central Los Angeles, was asked how many of the gang members he deals with are living with their dads, he replied, “About half of one percent.”


Violence happens when we lack a sense of personal power, feel a sense of powerlessness to change our lives. The danger of staying in a pre-VIOLENCE crisis is detrimental to your emotional, physical, and mental health. This scenario can create anxiety, depression, fear, and lead to unhealthy behaviors. Many men turn to extramarital affairs, excessive drinking, workaholic behavior, pornography or self-abuse.

Worse yet, IF there are children involved, by not doing anything, they put the children in the way of emotional or physical harm.

Children who are in households where men set a bad example or are emotionally or physically absent often become alcoholics, addicts, or ineffective, and young girls are prone to eating disorders as a way of coping with feeling things around them are out of control.


  • Having the urge to hurt yourself or others;
  • Perpetual or habitual lateness;
  • A liking for sadistic or ironic humor;
  • Sarcasm, cynicism or flippancy in conversation;
  • Frequent disturbing or frightening dreams;
  • Over-controller monotone speaking voice, often with long monologues;
  • Difficulty in getting to sleep or sleeping through the night;
  • Boredom, apathy, loss of interest in things;
  • Excessive irritability over insignificant issues;
  • Sleeping more than usual, as much as 12-14 hours a day;
  • Waking up tired rather than rested and refreshed;
  • Clenched jaws or grinding of teeth especially while sleeping;
  • Facial tics, spasmodic foot movements, habitual fist clinching and similar repeated physical acts done unintentionally or unaware;
  • Chronic depression, extended periods of feeling down for no reason;
  • Chronically stiff or sore (often neck or shoulders);
  • Stomach ulcers;
  • Your sex life is non-existent;
  • Retreating, not communicating; watching porn instead;
  • Using drugs or alcohol… as a substitute for dealing with physical, emotional, financial or relationship issues;
  • You’ve been fired, divorced as a result of interpersonal conflicts.


Everything is here for you. Pick up the phone to begin your new life and become the man you want to be. There might never be a better time.

  • You will learn the power of unconscious beliefs and behaviors and how they have contributed to the present state of your life.
  • You will learn that conscious reframed beliefs and new behaviors will guarantee new outcomes in your life and relationships.
  • You will learn that you are not alone and will experience the value of support.
  • You will learn that you DO have choices.
  • You will learn how to create shifts within yourself.
  • You’ll see that how you handle situations can dramatically improve your relationships.
  • You will learn that by committing to changes in your behavior, you will guarantee changes in all your relationships.


I’m a middle-aged married man with two adult sons. I had the good fortune of meeting Ray Arata when I was in the midst of my own wake-up call. I needed someone to help me navigate it and Ray was there. I have benefited first hand from his coaching, mentoring, and guidance. Now Ray has distilled much of his wisdom, intuition, and insight into this important book. If you’re a man and you’ve had your call, read Ray’s book and participate in his programs. If you’re a woman and you suspect your man – or any man you care about – had his call, read this book. It will help you more than you can imagine. It will help you see that the journey inside yourself is where the freedom is. Around the world, our communities – our men, women, and children need us to wake-up and step-up.

- Ronald Savarese.

Find more testimonials here and get started with ARATAcode.


73022f76_oAt the time it happened, I was hitting my stride as a retirement planning consultant in the financial industry. I was making great money, living in California’s Marin County, and everything seemed fine.

By all outward appearances, everything should have been great. Our house was done, our three children were asleep in their own wing of the house, the stock market was climbing, and my income was rising … but I couldn’t sleep.

My dad always told me never to ask a question unless you were ready for the answer, so I considered my next words carefully.

“Is something bothering you, honey?”

Her answer was not what I was expecting. Something wasn’t bothering her; plenty of things were bothering her—namely me, our marriage, and the fact that our life (and my life, specifically) was about to change. She said she was discontented with our marriage and didn’t love me anymore. She told me she had tried numerous times to get my attention and just couldn’t handle it any longer.

I was clueless. I felt as if someone had dropped a Volkswagen on my head.

My wake-up call as a man occurred in May 1999. Whether or not I liked it, the process of waking up was a challenging one.

Ten months later, I moved out; two months after that, we were in the process of going through a divorce, and my life and the lives of our children were changed forever.

The process of “waking up” has been my journey and inspiration. I had to learn how to answer my wake-up call and strive to be a better man in my roles as husband, father, leader, businessman, and friend.

Maybe a Volkswagen hasn’t dropped on your head yet, but maybe you’re starting to feel the impending weight. Maybe you’ve already experienced the shock of change. Regardless of where you are in your life, I’m dedicated to providing tools for your journey in becoming the man you want to be.

I judge millions of people are suffering and our world is in crisis because too many men are emotionally immature, wounded, and shutdown to their feelings.

I decided to do this work to share my knowledge and experience for the benefit of other men, their families, workplaces and communities. I want to make the journey of male introspection doable for those ready to do it. I’m willing to meet men where they are and lay out a path to self-awareness, understanding, and happiness. I’m a man who has done extensive personal work and is committed to supporting other men on their journey of emotional maturity… and with that – peace.

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