Ray Arata is a welcoming, enthusiastic, and engaging speaker. His insightful and provocative keynotes, workshops and breakout sessions provide reliable strategies that support men and women to bring out the best in themselves and others.

His unique approach and code of conduct empowers men and women to use their emotional intelligence and collaborate towards mutual success despite their gender differences. Ray uses personal reflection and a context of gender partnership to produce a win-win vision of gender equality that has both men and women appreciate  their gender differences and acknowledging gender competencies in thinking, relating, and perspective. Blending lessons in leadership, inclusion, and emotional intelligence, as well as principles that align with broad audiences across a variety of industries, Ray’s gender partnership code of conduct examines and offers participants a road map towards full gender partnership that includes:

  • How personal awareness of our parental role models can positively influence our beliefs and behaviors with respect to gender.
  • How taking individual responsibility for ‘rewriting” our ineffective beliefs and behaviors can empower our relationships with people and teams.
  • How embracing and incorporating accountability into our relationships, leadership style, and projects contributes to success.
  • How a commitment to tenacity is required to overcome injustice and effect positive change.
  • How acceptance of differences in others combined with respect for those same differences fosters productive and innovative relationships and teams.

Ray’s Keynote Speaking Topics are:

Keynote # 1

Wake up to the Power of Win-Win : Men and Women in Partnership

Inspire collaborative partnership, engagement and mutuality by being emotionally intelligent and aware of your gender influences

To be successful, companies need the full engagement of their entire workforce-both women and men. True collaborative leadership requires a mindset  shift from “me” to “we”, a style of leadership that finds ways to include everybody’s unique, individual contributions.

Using emotional intelligence derived from understanding how parental gender influences affects our behavior helps men and women successfully lead, form teams, and be in successful business relationships. Research shows that the business case for gender equality is clear; by eliminating gender bias, companies can reap significant benefits, including improved access to and retention of top talent and higher employee commitment.

Through this program, which is based on key principles of his book, Wake Up Man Up Step Up, Ray Arata illustrates how awareness of non-serving unconscious gender bias can contribute to improved presence, collaboration, partnering and mutuality with others.

This program:

  • Appeals to both men and women because it acknowledges the influences of their personal leadership role. models, is compassionate toward them and builds trust and empathy for others.
  • Has a dual focus that emphasizes both men and women need to be part of the solution.
  • Assists men in seeing the opportunities of engaging in gender initiatives.
  • Empowers women to ask for what they want.
  • Empowers men to aspire to a healthy functioning collaborative win-win model.

Keynote # 2

 Engaging Men To Advance Women In Leadership:  What you can do to advocate for a gender balanced workplace.

Create Inclusion, synergy, and improved business relationships by being authentic leaders

Understand the role men can play in Gender Partnership. Learn about why more men today are engaged, why many men aren’t and what is going on for them that holds them back. Learn what matters most to men and how men, women, and organizations can play a role in engaging men to embark on a path of gender partnership.

This program:

  • Humorously dispels outdated and non-functioning masculine norms that historically drove leadership styles;
  • Helps women leaders to understand men so they can improve relationships and productivity.
  • Provides valuable insight to men on how their emotional intelligence can support their relationships with women and heighten their success.
  • Assists men in seeing the benefits of inclusionary leadership.
  • Helps people to reduce and prevent conflict.

* This program can be adapted for mixed audiences as well as gender specific audiences.

Ray is also happy to deliver a break out session or seminar on the following topics:

  • Support Accountability in the workplace.
  • Core Values and Active Listening.
  • Leveraging Emotional Intelligence Into Your Teams and Projects.

Private Audience Topics:

  • Conscious Parenting and Your Teenagers.
  • Navigating Conscious Divorce.
  • Healthy Functional Masculinity for fathers, husbands and leaders.
  • Real Male Friendships.
  • Answering Your Wake up Call.
  • Your Emotional Literacy  and Business Success.