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Story submission guidelines | ARATAcode

Story submission guidelines

Thank you for sharing with us your life experience!

We’re hoping to use your story in the new edition of Ray’s book. In your story, art or poetry please tell us about how a man (or men) did and/or did not show up as mature in your life.

  • What happened?
  • Why do you think it happened?
  • What were the consequences to you?
  • If he did change, what caused the man to change and grow?
  • How are you now?

If your story involved an emotionally immature man, describe to us his behavior, its impact on you, and if you can, what behavior would have made a difference in your relationship with him?

If your story involved a man who embodied emotional maturity and accountability, tell us about his role in your life, how he modeled these things, how it affected you and your views towards men and how that plays out for you now in your relationships with men.

If your story involves a man who experienced a “wake up call” and changed for the better, tell us what he was like before, how he related to you and the consequences for you. What happened to result in his transformation? What is different and admirable about him now? How did his behavior change or grow?

Please send your story directly to Ray Arata at ray @ with the subject line “ARATAcode: My story for crowd-authored book”.