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Visioning retreat for men | ARATAcode

Visioning retreat for men

3 Day Mission + Action = Manifestation retreat

Maybe you’ve read my book. Maybe you signed up and experienced my “Your Men’s Journey” online program. Maybe you were a coaching client of mine.

What may be true for you is this: your life as you know it is demanding you play the game your are meant to play and that requires you to to commit to finding out how you can live the rest of your life in alignment with your unique gifts as a man and in alignment with your mission while also maintaining financial responsibility.

The good news is that you are not alone. For starters, this has been my journey. I characterize it as my wake up call part two. Many other men, just like you, having worked for 15-25 years in a career, possibly for someone else, are looking to experience the deep sense of fulfillment and service that can only come when you are emotional aware, mature and connected to your heart’s purpose. You (and they) have answered the wake up call, are personally aware, have an increasing sense of emotional maturity and are ready to step up to a whole new level.

Each man in this retreat has signed up because he is ready. He is ready to bring his vision into existence with intention, share it with others, ask for support (and be supported), create a plan, and most importantly, move into action.

What’s unique about this program?

Being physically active is a powerful antidote to the counter-productive mind chatter and stressed-out environment we know from the workplace and the demands of daily life.  One of the things I know about men is that we love to “do stuff”. What I also know about emotional awareness and maturity is that one way to access these important aspects of ourselves is through physical activity.

From direct experience and a pilot program, we recognized an important learning modality: that we receive knowledge and insight while our bodies are in motion. From this ‘aha’ moment, we decided to create our Mission + Action= Manifestation program. We combine the power of outdoor activity with a facilitated personal development program designed to launch your vision into existence.

Our three-day retreat is designed to create a safe supportive and collaborative environment for you to explore, develop, and create a plan that you can execute. We will assist you in raising your awareness to what’s getting in the way, and aid you in moving past the blocks and self-imposed limitations that may prevent you from fully manifesting your mission.

The Program includes:

  • Room and Board
  • Professional facilitation and coaching services during the weekend
  • Professional facilitation and coachin services following the retreat
  • Physical activities