What is a Wake Up Call?

A wake-up call is a shock, a surprise, or a realization that causes a person to become fully aware to what is happening in his/her life.  It is typically painful event that gets your attention, not simply because it doesn’t feel good, but because if you had your way, you would much rather never have to go through this again. This event gives you a temporary glimpse of the big picture of life and how you can make different choices to live your life fully and get out of your stuck pattern(s).

Some Examples of a wake up call are:

  • Divorce
  • The end of an intimate relationship
  • Health or Death Scare of you or someone close to you
  • Job Loss or demotion
  • Mid life blahs:
  • Kids leaving house
  • New Baby
  • A costly mistake at work or in life
  • Hitting bottom amidst an addiction

Waking up has to do with your emerging sense of awareness brought on by the pain of the event to the possibility that you had a part in creating it and you have a choice in your response to it. This new choice potentially means different behaviors, which lead to different results, one’s to your liking and for those important people around you.

This is an important choice point for you. You could deny the events around you, stuff the feelings it brings up (like you probably have in the past), blame others, make up a story as to why this happened and go back to your old established ways. You could even go back into your addictive behavior and you know how that ends up. This would be the equivalent of ignoring the call. I can ensure you that if this is your choice, more pain and discomfort of a larger magnitude will eventually find its way back into your life.

The opportunity that lies before you is to answer the call. This opportunity for acceptance, while potentially scary and emotionally painful, has its rewards. And usually the rewards are worth pursuing. After all, it’s your life we are talking about here.

So I ask you two questions, “What’s at risk for you to answer the call? What’s at risk for you to ignore the call?  What are you going to choose?

This article is about AWARENESS, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCEPTANCE and how you can benefit from being aware and taking responsibility when a man in your life is going through his wake up. It takes a real woman to do this and a real woman to know she needs support to do her work. Sign up for any ARATAcode programs.

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