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Why is a Men’s Journey important to understand for women? | ARATAcode

Why is a Men’s Journey important to understand for women?

I am going to assume that you can think of at least one man in your life whether it be your husband, boyfriend, ex-husband, soon to be ex, business partner, brother, or even your father that is experiencing a mid-life wake up call of sorts. IF he is the type of man that is ready to make big changes in his life for the better, not only will he benefit but you can as well.

A man’s decision to embark on his journey to Wake up, Man up, and Step up has at its core a very profound and worthwhile payoff – freedom. Freedom from a life of being unconscious, not fully in one’s masculine and lacking power, lack of intimacy in relationships, lack of direction and purpose, and more. Freedom to be the man he is meant to be in his roles as husband, father, leader, businessman, and friend.

Why would a Men’s Journey be important to women? Put another way, what is the potential payoff for women for a man to go on his journey?  I came up with several answers while tapping into my inner feminine. See if any of these resonate with you.

His journey of healing can ultimately support you and yours. When a man you know decides to embark on his Men’s Journey, this means he is ready to confront his emotional issues and shift his way of being. This means that he is ready to emotionally grow and be more connected to his feelings and take more responsibility for his words and actions. What this means for you is that he will be more SAFE to be around. Safety for you creates space for you to do your work.

IF you understand what’s motivating his journey and what it entails, you can support him in a way that he can let in. Men’s natural inclination is to isolate. It is challenging for men to ask for help. When a man is amidst a wake up call, typically he has more questions than answers, has feelings he is not accustomed to feeling, and doesn’t have very many men he feels comfortable talking to about this stuff. Last but not least, the last person he is going to talk to and seek support from is a woman….unless that woman is aware, understands what’s going on for him and takes responsibility for her role in his process and where she can support him and where she can’t.

On May 1st we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to Crowd-Author a book as part of my mission to reduce violence and abuse in the world by helping men mature emotionally.


A man on his men’s journey becomes a great role model for your sons and daughters. A man who embarks on his men’s journey models a functional example of what it means to be a man in all that he does. For your son, he paves the way for a new way of being a man. For your daughter, he demonstrates an example of a modern day conscious grounded masculine man in relationship with her that will ultimately serve as a template for her choosing a future husband.

His Men’s journey may improve, save, or catapult your relationship or marriage with him. What woman wouldn’t want a conscious, grounded, emotionally mature man who lived in his masculine truth? Can you imagine your boyfriend, husband, brother, even your ex-husband growing up emotionally? What would be possible for you as a result?  My encouragement to you is that despite skepticism you may have, stay open to what’s possible.

This article is about AWARENESS and RESPONSIBILITY and how you can benefit from being aware and taking responsibility when a man in your life is going through his wake up. It takes a real woman to do this and a real woman to know she needs support to do her work. Sign up for any ARATAcode programs.



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  1. Robin Terrell April 21, 2013 at 3:00 pm #

    I have been doing Diversity & Inclusion work for over a decade, thought I understood the dynamics of men and women, am a certified gender communications trainer. Yet, Ray helped me develop an understanding from an emotional level, not an intellectual one. Working with Ray has allowed me to tap into my masculine energy as a woman because he knows how to help men feel safe in their feminine energy. As a White Male who has done the personal work, Ray offers so much to corporations that are struggling to engage White Men in the gender strategy that is essential for their very survival.

  2. motoapk Bài viết hay April 28, 2017 at 3:15 pm #

    I really like and appreciate your article post. Really Cool.

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