Your Men’s Journey: Your Journey Back to You

In order to understand exactly what Your Men’s Journey is, it is important to understand its relationship to a bigger context, namely your Life Journey. There are so many well-known sayings that people are familiar with such as Knowing Your Destination is Half the Journey. Life is a Journey, It’s a about the Journey not the Destination, The Journey is the Reward, and there are many more.

One saying that gives color to Your Men’s Journey is a quote by Rainer Maria Rilke, “The only journey is the one within”. To build on his quote, it is my supposition that a cornerstone of today’s man is awareness, to know himself, to live in his truth and to be an emotionally mature man in his roles as husband, father, leader, businessman, and friend. My hope is you may come to your own conclusions as to how and why this perspective is needed relative to the outdated and dysfunctional male macho model of prior generations.

This journey that all of us start on called Life is a journey of sorts that happens to us. We are born into a family, not of our choosing, and along with it come a whole host of life circumstances, challenges, pains, pleasures, tragedies and the list goes on.

When we are young, we get traumatized and we unconsciously create survival behaviors to keep us safe. We often carry forward these behaviors into our present lives and into our relationships. Much to our surprise, we often learn the hard way that those behaviors that protected us then cause problems in our lives and sometimes these problems can be significant ones.

I’d like to suggest that Your Men’s Journey is actually a journey you tenaciously choose to make back to yourself, back to the truth of who you are as a person. In addition to you coming back to yourself, it also is an opportunity to define who you as a MAN in today’s world. Not many men make this choice, often choosing to turn a blind eye to themselves and avoiding any responsibility for their actions.

What usually happens to many men in their early thirties to mid fifties is some sort of life event, such as a divorce, job loss, health or death scare of a loved one or you, or simply you reaching your uncle point of living a life of mediocrity, that you start questioning your life. I refer to this “happening” as a wake up call. If you truly desire to make the most out of your wake up call, I invite you to consider accepting it as an opportunity to Man up and Step Up fully into your life.

What lies ahead for those of you that choose to “answer the call” is a grounded sense of accountability, what it means to be a man that will support you daily in your life. With this come certainty, confidence, power, truth, and direction. The outcomes you can bet on include better relationships, successful careers, purposeful lives, and knowing that being you always is more than good enough!

This article touches on all the aspects of the ARATAcode; AWARENESS, RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, TENACITY, ACCEPTANCE and what you can gain from being willing to take a hard look at how you’re unconsciously causing your own problems. It takes a real man to do this and a real man to know he needs support to do his work. Sign up for any ARATAcode programs.

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